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I love your work and if I could I would donate, I just don't have a lot of money.... Anyways love the work! 

I've got to say that this is a really well made game. I really like the mix of story and monster hunting. Wish it was longer, but I still love it. It was short and sweet. 

10 minutes of pressing spacebar, 5 minutes of fighting to get the mats, then death from no health left. GG.

Really like the game. Sad, that it was short. The story was interesting and wanted more.

This game seems like a demo for a much longer RPG. Will there be a part 2?

A sequel.  Yay,  I wish you would have made this longer and gave a chance for him to craft more, make money, make more friends in the guild and gone out for more monster hunting.  Please extend the next one or add more of these options.

Wow! Loved this game. It was short and sweet but left me wanting to play more :). Looking at the comments, I was very happy to see that you are making a sequel. Any update on that?


Wait, what? That's it?! That's the end?!?!?! NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!

I loved the game--the art, the music, the plot, the format--and I was so ready to play more!! Please tell me there will be an extended version of this? 

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Super game! the programmer worked very hard creating this game engine renpy! I'm learning how to create a RPG in Python ) but there remains a sense of incompleteness

Craftsman RPG, a personal favorite niche genre that I cannot help but enjoy.

When the sequel is here, promise to let me know, I don't want to miss out. :P

это просто божественно! Я оооооочень жду продолжения и вообще побольше РПГшек!

That game was beautiful! I just can't help notice the similarities of Maya and Van to Asuna and Kirito lol. Maybe it was just me. Anyways, great game!

Now that you mention it, they do kinda resemble them haha. Everyone was redesigned for the sequel though, hopefully the designs will stand out on their own. Thanks for your comment and for playing! :)

Hello, I just recently recorded a first try video of your game, however, it was flagged for copyright based on the music on the battle screen. I'm just wondering how you obtained the music so I can either leave the flag alone or dispute it.

Also I had a slight issue with how the controls are mapped, wsad only seems to work if capslock is off, which I didn't even realize I had on at the time. If possible could you link both higher case and lowercase letters to the movement controls?

Thanks for the report! All music were taken from and all of them are under CC. The battle music is Adventure by Celestial Aeon Project ( Perhaps it was licensed commercially? Either way I think you can leave it flagged. But it's weird because someone else made a video about it but it didn't trip up the copyright detector.

Ah, that is pretty easy to fix. I'll see if I can update the game sometime soon. Thanks!

Thanks for responding, I'll leave it flagged.

Youtube doesn't always pick up on this stuff, the battle music played multiple times in the video but only one time was it flagged.

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Hey, there!

You might want to tag your game files according to their platform. Just pick from the checkbox below each upload in your project's page:


As it is right now, I can't download it from the itch app, because it says there isn't an available version for Windows.



Whoops, forgot to re-tag them when I updated the build. Fixed. Thanks for pointing it out!

Cool! I'll download it right away!

I hope that the walkthrough helps others in their journeys through the game. :3 I didn't think that there would be a need to make a full text walkthrough because of showing images of almost everything, listing only the healing items and the skills in a txt document, but if asked for by others, I shall do so. ^^


Proprietary, no thanks...

What do you mean?


I know what the word means and that's why I'm wondering - the game is free. You don't need to pay/donate.

I think nf3 is saying (s)he won't play because DR is not open source.

Of course, most games here aren't, so it seems like a strange expectation to me.

I see. Thanks for clearing that up!

Hello, Sendo; first of all, congrats and great job on your work like always! As for user nf3, just ignore them; looking at their comment history, they're just going around labeling things proprietary or not for some pointless reason. Keep doing what you're doing, Sendo.

Thanks a lot for support! :D

This was a really good game! I really liked the RPG elements and am looking forward to the sequel.

I'm glad you liked the game and are looking forward to the sequel! Your support means a lot!

I loved the game. Will there be any more like this in the future?

Glad you like it!

Yes, I am continuing Diamond Rose. It won't be out very soon because of other priorities at the moment. But I've already started planning the sequel and I'm very excited to continue working on it :)

great can't wait for more :

good job

Thank you, and thanks for the tip man, appreciate it ;)